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Below is a brief description of your mortgage options and ways to get the process started – select which one best fits your scenario:

Conventional Loans

I have good credit and have saved for a down payment and want fixed payments over the next 30 years….(read more)

Jumbo Mortgage

I have good credit and have saved for a down payment.  My mortgage might be over $417,000 as well…..(read more)

Home Equity Loans

I need equity out of my home and not sure a refinance would be the best option give for my situation right now…..(read more)

FHA Mortgage

I’ve had some concerns about my previous credit issues and I don’t have a lot for a down payment.…..(read more)

Reverse Mortgage

I’m a senior citizen and need additional monthly income. I have equity that I would like to use…..(read more)

203k Rehab Loans

I want to find out the financing options of purchasing a fixer-upper, foreclosure or home that needs work…..(read more)

VA Mortgage Loans

I am a United States military veteran or am currently serve as an active member in the military…..(read more)


I have moderate to low income and I want to live in a rural area….(read more)

Additional Resources:

  • Mortgage Terms / Vocab – While most mortgage web sites offer a glossary containing hundreds of real estate and lending related terms, we wanted to highlight the top terms that most borrowers will hear several times …..(read more)
  • How Much Can I Afford? – One of the most important items to remember when looking into financing is there is sometimes a difference in the amount a borrower can qualify for vs what’s in their budget for a comfortable …..(read more)
  • Property Types – Whether you are purchasing, doing a rate/term refinance or taking equity out of your property through a cash out refinance, occupancy type is a major factor in determining the amount of down payment …..(read more)
  • What’s Mortgage Insurance? – Mortgage insurance (also known as mortgage guaranty) is an insurance policy which compensates lenders or investors for losses due to the default of a mortgage loan. …..(read more)
  • FHA Mortgage Insurance – FHA insurance is required for any FHA mortgage, irrespective of the size of the down payment provided. The premiums for both insurances get cancelled at a certain point …..(read more)
  • Credit Do’s and Don’ts – How can a fully approved loan get denied for funding after the borrower has signed loan docs? Simple, the underwriter pulls a new credit report to verify that there hasn’t been any new activity since …..(read more)
  • VA Funding Fee – The VA Funding Fee is an essential component of the VA home loan program and is a requirement of any veteran taking advantage of this zero down payment government loan program. …..(read more)